Twisted Metal to Include Twisted Metal: Black

Get your nostalgia pants on, because the February release of Twisted Metal is set to include a little surprise for fans of the series.  If you’re planning on picking the title up on February 14th for your Playstation 3, you’ll be treated to a digital copy of a certain game.

Oh, you’re wondering what that game is? The well-received Twisted Metal: Black will be included with limited edition copies of  Twisted Metal.  The game’s box must be marked with “Limited Edition”, and you’ll receive a voucher to download the game from the Playstation Network.

If you haven’t secured yourself a pre-order yet, this may be the deal that puts you over the top to grab the game.   You can grab the game over at Amazon and ensure that it’s delivered by the release date.  Be sure to let us know what you think about Twisted Metal: Black being included by leaving a comment below, or find other Twisted Metal fans in our forums!

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