Alistar Overeem Confirmed in UFC Undisputed 3

The upcoming UFC Undisputed 3 will be coming out early next year and fight fans will have something to look forward to as they can now submit their information for a DLC code for Alistar Overeem. Head over to the UFC Undisputed 3 Facebook page here.

Here you can see Overeem in action in this DLC trailer that was just released.

There is also something to look forward to if you are also a Brock Lesnar fan as the two fighters go head to head in UFC 141 which will take place on Friday December 30th in Las Vegas, but if you can’t make it to Vegas this weekend then THQ has you covered in this UFC Undisputed 3 simulation of the fight.

What are your personal predictions for UFC 141? Will you be rooting for Lesnar or Overem? Let us know what you think of the fight predictions and of UFC Undisputed 3 in the comments below or connect with your fellow UFC fans in the forums!

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