Cover Art Revealed For MLB 2K12

Back in November it was announced that Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander, winner of this year’s Cy Young and AL MVP awards, would be the cover athlete for 2K Sports’ MLB 2K12. Another honor apparently bestowed upon him was the ability to offer a first look at the game’s cover art, which he did today by releasing the image below on Twitter.

The Verlander cover resembles last year’s Roy Halladay cover with the maroon-tinted background, but ups the stylization by framing Verlander in puffs of smoke and surrounding his arm with strands of electricity. Needless to say, any non-baseball fan picking up the game for a friend won’t mistake him for a subdued knuckleballer.


How do you like the new cover for MLB 2K12? Is the new exaggerated art style a better direction? Sound off in the comments or join our community in the forums!

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