New I Am Alive Trailer Offers Survival 101

I Am Alive is thankful to still be breathing itself after years of development limbo where it was tossed around various studios and eventually redesigned as an arcade game for Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. Today, a new trailer for the game was released by Ubisoft and offers a handful of survival tips for the post-apocalyptic city dweller.

The main point seems to be to stay out of the dust – which is everyhwere among the taterred ruins of Haventon – unless you have a gas mask. There also seems to be a barter system in place that lets you trade items with other survivors in the game, even if they have no use to you.

The graphics certainly aren’t top of the line, but that’s to be expected for an arcade title. It will be interesting to see how the gameplay and depth balance out the “dusty” visuals.

According to Ubisoft, I Am Alive is set to release by the end of winter. Check out the trailer below and leave us your thoughts in the comments or forums.

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