New Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Game Modes Arriving This Weekend

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 currently has 20 multiplayer game modes for players to shoot, stab, and frag each other across, and this Friday, the game will see the addition of 3 more modes and a feature called Community Playlists.

Infinity Ward’s creative strategist Robert Bowling announced on the official Modern Warfare 3 forums tonight that popular private match modes will continuously be added to public playlists for players to earn XP on. The first playlist update will include the modes Drop Zone, Hardcore HQ Ricochet, and Hardcore Ricochet.

Drop Zone is basically a variant of King of the Hill, but with a care package twist. Teams get points by occupying a designated zone and the first team to 7500 points wins. However, whenever a player is in the zone, a care package will drop every 15 seconds and will belong to the team with the most players in the zone. The other team can still steal it though, so be prepared to exchange a few bullets.

The Hardcore HQ Ricochet mode will also be added to the Team Tactical playlist, whereas the “Hardcore Ricochet” listing itself simply refers to all Hardcore modes now featuring ricochet as a response to incessant team killing.

Be sure to check out the compete description in Bowling’s posting and let us know what new feature you’re looking forward to in the game by leaving a comment or signing up in our great forum community!

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