Is There A Tebowing Glitch in the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim?

Well it had to happen. Summer’s “planking”, which gave way to September and October’s “owling” has now turned into the present and foreseeable future’s “Tebowing.” The polarizing Denver Broncos quarterback has taken the NFL by storm with his recent run of success, going 5-1 since taking over the starting job back on October 23 and spawning a new internet craze with his on-field prayerful reflection.

After a little bit of time on Youtube, we came across a video which suggests that the phenomenon might have made its way into The Elder Scrolls: V Skyrim.

Uploaded by x360achievementhuntr, the footage shows a brief encounter with a pair of undead Draugrs, in which the player goes after them with a short sword. On the verge of being defeated and seeking help for a last second comeback, one of the Dragurs appears to assume the fabled Tebow stance. But since he’s a godless heathen, he’s mowed down by our hero a second later and soon joined by his partner.


Is it an animation “glitch” per se? It’s most likely the way Draugrs try to recover when low on health. As to whether or not it’s an intentional homage to Tim Tebow, probably not. Although the video makes it look eerily similar.

Decide for yourself in the comments or the forums!

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