Report – Need for Speed: The Run Only Two Hours Long [UPDATE]

UPDATE: EA has released an official statement, which we have included below in regards to the playthrough time for the title.

“For most players, the single-player campaign in Need for Speed The Run will take around 6 hours to complete; with Challenge Series, Autolog and Multiplayer, the game play has no end.”

Original Story: You might want to put on your seat-belt, as this might get a little bumpy.  Reports have emerged today from numerous outlets that Need for Speed: The Run features only two hours of actual gameplay.  Keep in mind that this isn’t including cutscenes, menus, load times, etc., but it’s still a rather astonishing number.

The most notable of sources to claim this would be in their review of the title.  With a title that’s letting you cover over 3,000 miles and to be heavy on the story, having only two hours of real gameplay is rather shocking.  It should be noted that most individuals are taking roughly 4-5 hours to finish the game, however.

What do you think about the reports emerging about Need for Speed: The Run?  Has this swayed your opinion on buying the title at any point in the near future?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or sound off in our forums!

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