Skyrim Launches Tonight: What will you be ignoring?

When a game as massive as Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim launches, there’s usually something that’s going to be ignored for a few days.  While we’re sure that there are gamers who won’t be picking it up, there’s a massive amount that have been anxiously awaiting a few years for this day to arrive.

Our question to you is simple: what will you be ignoring?  Whether it be a loved one, work, school, or kids, we’re extremely interested in knowing what will be ignored.  Don’t worry, we know some of you can actually balance your social life and responsibilities, so we’re giving you an option as well.  The voting is completely anonymous, unless you choose to comment, so please be honest with your vote.

[poll id=”8″]

We’ll leave the voting up, and within a week, we’ll be doing a report on the results of the voting.  Want to be a part of the article that we’ll be writing? Simple, just leave us a comment below with your reasoning behind your vote, and if it’s awesome, we’ll quote you in next week’s article!  Want to discuss Skyrim with other like-minded gamers?  Be sure to join our community today, it’s free!

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