Rumor: God of War IV Release Date Revealed

Rumors of God of War IV are starting to circulate, and that typically ends up meaning that a reveal of a title is on the horizon.  A few weeks ago, a rumor circulated that a God of War title was in development and possibly for the Playstation 4.  Today, a brand new rumor surfaces that appears to showcase a release date for God of War IV.

While the title is still unannounced, the website claims that it’s targeted for September 28th, 2012.  While that individual release date may not end up being the most “concrete” date, it’s rather inevitable that another God of War title will hit a Playstation console in some shape or form soon.

Do you believe that the title will be unveiled soon, or perhaps at the Video Game Awards this year?  Are you looking forward to another God of War title?  Be sure to leave us a comment below, or join our community and discuss it there!


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