Turns Out That High-Res Texutre Pack For Battlefield 3 Was Pretty Important

The announcement that Xbox 360 owners would have to install a 1.5 GB texture update for Battlefield 3 in order to maximize the game’s graphical prowess sparked a high level of intrigue in the days leading up to the game’s launch. With millions of gamers now having the game in their possession, we’re starting to see a few who took the time to provide us with some good comparisons between “HD” and “SD” resolutions of the game.

This video comes courtesy of Youtube user “GamingP0rtal” and shows off parts of the first campaign level from Battlefield 3. While those who don’t install the high-resolution pack won’t find the game unplayable, it’s quite apparent here how many of the in-game game textures appear as if they were teleported straight out of Battlefield 1942.

Check out the video and share with us your thoughts in the forums or comments below!


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