Leaked Photos Confirm Battlefield 3 Install Size on Xbox 360

Xbox 360 owners clearing up their calendar for Battlefield 3’s release on Tuesday might want to do the same for their hard drives. With early copies of Battlefield 3 out in the wild, images have begun circulating the interwebs showing off the final install size of Battlefield 3 on the Xbox 360. Shipping in a two disc set, Disc 1 contains the multiplayer/co-op portion of the game and weighs in at a 7.3 GB install size. The single player campaign on disc 2, meanwhile is another 6.3 GB while the hi-res pack parks another 1.5 GB. This means that those who want to install the entire game on their hard drive will have to part with 15.5 GB of space!



Talk about “above and beyond the call.”

PC and Playstation 3 owners will have an easier time installing Battlefield 3 on their systems, as it was shown earlier that the game would take up 11.6 GB on the PC and a comparatively microscopic 2.0 GB on the Playstation 3 HDD. Let us know what you think about installing games of such size in the comments or forums!

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