Blizzard Giving Out 2,000 Diablo III Beta Keys

While it’s somewhat hard to finally believe, Diablo III is real.  We’re sure you’ll still anxiously awaiting the launch of Diablo III, and we’re about to give you some very good news.  What’s that news you ask? Beta keys!

Blizzard is running an awesome little promotion right now, which entails them giving roughly 2,000 beta keys out to fans.  The only bad news regarding this is that it’s completely luck of the draw.  However, we still recommend that you enter so that you can at least give yourself a shot at earning a token.

To enter, you’ll simply need to head on over to Diablo III’s Facebook page.  Once there, simply enter in the contest that they’re advertising.  Once you’ve been able to complete the task at hand, you’ll earn yourself an entry into a “raffle” of sorts to win a beta key.

Are you planning on entering in the contest for a beta key?  What’s your opinion on Diablo III from the information available so far?  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or sound off in our forums!

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