Gears of War Fan Creates Incredible Baird Suit

If you’re a fan of Gears of War, we’re sure you’re at least somewhat familiar with the wise-cracking Baird.  While some may hate Baird, the character definitely has a huge following of players that use him in multiplayer matches.  Taking their “love” for the character to all new heights, a Gears of War fanatic has created one of the best replicas of a COG suit that we’ve seen by a fan to date.

Over on the official Gears of War forums, user propcustomz, posted his pictures of his COG suit made completely from scratch.  Whether or not you’re a fan of the series, you have to give serious props to him for putting so much detail into the suit.  Not only did he create the suit, but he created a replica of one of the most talked about weapons in Gears 3, the sawed-off shotgun.

What do you think about the COG armor he created from scratch?   Have you ever attempted to create a replica of something from one of your favorite video games?  Head on over to the thread he created on the Official Gears of War forums for more photos!  Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or sound off in our forums!

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