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New ‘Mass Effect’ announcement coming during 2013 VGAs

Mass Effect

During the 2010 Video Game Awards, fans of the Mass Effect series were treated to the announcement and reveal of Mass Effect 3. The game ultimately saw a delay, but suffered from quite the controversial ending.

While we’ve known for quite awhile that Commander Shepard won’t be involved in any future titles for the series, Bioware teased the next Mass Effect via Twitter yesterday. From a new character to various looks at the environments in the game, we still weren’t able to take much from the images.

The 2013 Video Game Awards are set to take place next month, and we’ve been informed that the next Mass Effect title will receive an announcement there. The source that passed this information to us is also the same that helped us bring forth the first details on the existence of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.

Similar to the reveal of Mass Effect 3, we’ll be given a title and a CGI trailer. We weren’t able to obtain information regarding the game’s protaganist, but as we’ve mentioned above it will not be featuring Commander Shepard.

The game is expected to hit next-generation consoles and PC in early or late 2015.

What do you want to see out of the next Mass Effect title? Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or continue the discussion on Facebook and Twitter.


  • I agree with letting shepard rest in peace but yet i wish i couldve seen his life with Tali lol i gotta romance Tali everytime

  • Shepard’s story was the best. Even so this is just a game, but it felt something more.. honestly, this type of game changes you. Makes you wonder if that’s how future might be created. We already got people who are going to live on MARS , we never know what we might achieve. The issue , people don’t wanna know what’s in the space..if the humanity would combine the greatest brains , we’d move up 100 years combined. Mass Effect really pushed things forward, most creative video game ever made. The ending was really sad, as you’ve played this game since 2007, as it released.

    I agree with people here, let Shepard rest.. his story will never be forgotten , it was probably the best gaming trilogy I ever played. I’m looking forward Mass Effect 4 or what ever its called, but Mass Effect Trilogy (Shepard’s story) should of ended somehow.. we can’t always expect hero’s live..Shepard gave him life to the universe and died as a real hero and I count it as a amazing ending.

    Mass Effect – excellent story, got us all excited.

    Mass Effect 2 – showed us true color of Shepard.
    Mass Effect 3 – showed us a true hero

  • Of course it won’t be, Mass Effect Trilogy was “Shepard”. I hope the next Mass Effect could put our interests into the same level as the Trilogy did.

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