Bethesda Announces Kinect Support for Skyrim

Ever thought that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim needed Kinect support? Well, you probably didn’t wish for it, but Bethesda has added it to the juggernaut title regardless. Thankfully, the Kinect support that will be added to the title will be voice commands and not require you to flail your arms around.  Players will be […]Read More


New Resident Evil Trailer Reveals New Release Date

Remember when Capcom told you that Resident Evil 6 would be launching in November of 2012? Yeah, forget that.  Before you go ahead and rage quit live over the “change” of a release date, it’s actually good news regarding the date. Capcom’s latest trailer for Resident Evil 6, which we’ve included for you below, shows […]Read More


How to Putt in Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13

Just like playing golf on a real course, putting can be extremely frustrating.  If you haven’t taken the time to learn the intricacies of putting in Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13, you’ll have a ridiculous time trying to finish at the top of the leaderboards. This year, it’s all about tempo.  Previous years had a huge […]Read More


Impressive New Deadlight Trailer Released

If Deadlight hasn’t been very high on your radar before this trailer, we forgive you.  There’s been a solid amount of buzz, but most of the world hasn’t caught wind of what looks to be a fantastic arcade title. Upon seeing today’s trailer, you’ll be quickly reminded of three arcade titles: Limbo, Shadow Complex, and […]Read More


New Year’s End: An Amazing BioShock Film

When it comes to adapting a video game to the big screen, the films tend to often be terrible.  It’s refreshing when a smaller short film is put together, as the quality tends to be better and more interesting overall. For anyone that’s even played a small piece of a BioShock game, you know that […]Read More


Far Cry 3 In-Game Multiplayer Footage Goes Live

Far Cry 3 is slowly getting more press, and rightfully so.  The series as a whole often gets overlooked by the average first-person shoot fan, but Ubisoft is looking to change that with the release of Far Cry 3. The first in-game multiplayer footage for the title has went live today, and it brings quite […]Read More