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Sports gaming top plays January edition

Sports video games are just like any other game in the sense that when you do something really cool, you want to share it with the world.  Over the last year or two both Electronic Arts and 2K Sports have caught on and started compiling some of the best highlights from their popular games including […]Read More


‘The Division’ May Be Delayed Until 2015

To say Ubisoft has been busy would be an understatement; releasing a launch title for the Eighth Generation Consoles, the post-poning of Watch Dogs, and now the delay of The Division. An unknown source on the game’s development team told GameReactor that, “the game works well, it’s not done but it works well. The actual […]Read More


Microsoft hints at bringing previous IPs to the Xbox One

It’s pretty much inevitable that both Microsoft and Sony will revive older franchises on their new consoles, and this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Microsoft has already proven its willingness to do so with the launch day re-imagining of Killer Instinct, and if Microsoft Studios’ Phil Spencer is to be believed, more might be on the way. […]Read More