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Rumor: Microsoft in Manfucturing Stage for Xbox 720

While you’ve heard plenty of rumors state that the Xbox 720 is still a few years away, today’s rumor makes 2013 look like a definite possibility.  Microsoft’s current console, the Xbox 360, is manufactured in Austin, Texas at Flextronics.  The significance? It appears that the same facility is now beginning to manufacture the Xbox 720. […]Read More


Microsoft Hiring for “Next Generation of Xbox”

As if the rumors swirling around for the next generation of consoles weren’t rampant enough, a brand job posting this morning gives life to the fire.  Microsoft has posted, and since removed, a job posting stating they’re hiring for the “next generation of Xbox”. The job listing stated that they are hiring for a software […]Read More


Rumor: Xbox 720 To Use Touchscreen Controller

Xbox World Magazine (via IGN) is reporting that the next Xbox (whether it be called 720, 3, whatever) may use a controller with a built in touchscreen, not unlike Nintendo’s upcoming Wii U console. The report states that the controller would be “an HD screen surrounded by the traditional 360 buttons and sticks.” It was […]Read More


The Next Xbox Won’t Block Used Games: Here’s Why

If you’ve been following the latest rumor surrounding the Next Xbox/Xbox 720, you were more than likely fairly shocked.  The latest rumor, being reported by Kotaku, states that the next system from Microsoft will come equipped with an anti-used game function. To say this is ridiculous is a rather large understatement.  While developers and publishers […]Read More


Infinity Ward Hiring for Next-Gen Call of Duty

The series that has dominated consoles this generation has easily been Call of Duty.  With the release of the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, the series became the popular title that seemed to just be flying off of the shelf.  Activision has put together monstrous sales numbers with both Infinity Ward and Treyarch developing […]Read More