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‘Halo 4’ pirates perma-banned from Xbox Live

It’s happened multiple times, and it’s happened again, showing that no one seems to be learning that you don’t mess with Microsoft. A handful of Xbox Live players that obtained illegal copies of the game and played it online have received permanent bans from Microsoft’s online service. As always, the pirates woke up one morning […]Read More


Rumor: Microsoft ditching Points for real currency

It would seem that with the release of Windows 8 just around the corner, Microsoft could very well be replacing their Microsoft Points system for real currency. The Verge reports that opting to purchase video content on Windows 8 beta defaults the user to paying via credit card, despite choosing Points. The MS Points system […]Read More


Xbox Live is Back Up & Running

If you tried to sign-in to your Xbox Live account over the past 12 hours, there’s a rather high chance you were frustrated.  Various services stopped functioning properly last night, and eventually the entire service was not able to be accessed. Microsoft has confirmed via their Xbox Live Status system that you are now able […]Read More


Xbox Live Currently Experiencing Issues

While not all users are experiencing it, a portion of Xbox Live users are currently experiencing issues with connecting to the service.  It’s not your connection, as Microsoft and the Xbox Live team are currently investigating the issue. No official cause has been identified and the Xbox Live team has not announced a timetable for […]Read More


Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD Release Date Leaked

For years, the Tony Hawk Pro Skater series captivated the late 90s and early 2000s.  Ridiculous tricks and lines became all you could think about during the day. Thankfully, Activision has decided to bring the series back to gamers. While information has slowly come out about the title, the actual release date for the game […]Read More