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Microsoft outlines game and Gold sharing on Xbox One

Today Microsoft has announced how game and Xbox Live subscription sharing will work with Xbox One. I say announced, but a lot of these “features” are almost identical to what you can currently do on Xbox 360. First off, there’s game sharing. Now don’t get too excited, this isn’t the cloud based shareable library talked […]Read More


Xbox One’s Game DVR only available to Gold subscribers

The Xbox One’s Games DVR service, which allows players to record and upload footage from their games, will only be available to subscribers of Xbox Live’s Gold service. Xbox.com’s Xbox Live features page lists various services for Microsoft’s upcoming console, such as NFL on Xbox and the system’s TV guide feature. This page lists Game […]Read More


Converted Microsoft Points will expire in a year

During their E3 media briefing, Microsoft announced the phasing out of Microsoft Points starting this fall. What they didn’t tell you, was that the Points, after being converted to real funds, will expire in a year. “The purchased funds you deposit into your account after the transition will not expire. However, the funds we deposit […]Read More