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Rumor: Next Xbox Chip Codenamed Oban

We have a feeling that when the next generation of consoles are finally announced, the internet will explode.  In yet another rumor concerning the Xbox 720/Next Xbox, it appears that the main chip for the system is being codenamed “Oban”. Being reported by Fuzil, the rumor stats that Microsoft has commissioned IBM and Global Foundries […]Read More


Infinity Ward Hiring for Next-Gen Call of Duty

The series that has dominated consoles this generation has easily been Call of Duty.  With the release of the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, the series became the popular title that seemed to just be flying off of the shelf.  Activision has put together monstrous sales numbers with both Infinity Ward and Treyarch developing […]Read More


Rumor: Next Xbox Details Coming at CES 2012

While the last few months have included a ton of incredible video game releases, gamers are always wondering about the “next-gen” systems.  Rumors are bound to swirl from time to time, but it appears that a new rumor has emerged regarding the next Xbox system. French gaming site Xboxygen is claiming that they have knowledge […]Read More


Halo 4 Confirmed for the Xbox 360

For a second, the headline here might seem like a no-brainier. However, with the myriad of recent rumors about Microsoft’s next-gen “Xbox Next” possibly releasing in Q4 2012, in the same projected window as Halo 4, some have theorized that Halo 4 would be a launch title for the new Xbox. That’s still not entirely […]Read More


Top 5 Launch Titles on the Xbox 720

As if it needs to be said, a new console by Microsoft will inevitably be announced within the next few years.  While there’s a heavy focus on what technology should be within the system, we’re focused on what the top five launch games may be for that system.  While technology helps the system’s longevity, it […]Read More