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‘State of Decay’ Review

Undead Labs have been working on several zombie survival games, as their studio name implies it’s sort of their thing. State of Decay is the first result of their undead obsession, a game that has had a long and seemingly uneasy development. Originally planned with co-op in mind, a fast easily apparent while playing, the […]Read More


‘Project Spark’ beta registration now available

Microsoft’s game maker for Windows 8, Xbox One and Xbox 360 Project Spark opened its beta registration today. Project Spark was unveiled at Microsoft’s press conference at E3 2013 with a live demo, showcasing some of the tools and possibilities of the software. If you’re someone that works in game design or hopes to one […]Read More


Converted Microsoft Points will expire in a year

During their E3 media briefing, Microsoft announced the phasing out of Microsoft Points starting this fall. What they didn’t tell you, was that the Points, after being converted to real funds, will expire in a year. “The purchased funds you deposit into your account after the transition will not expire. However, the funds we deposit […]Read More


E3: Xbox 360 gets redesign, Gold sees new perks

The Xbox One is right around the corner, but Microsoft hasn’t given up on the current genration just yet. Microsoft began its E3 press conference by talking about the Xbox 360, with the company’s Yusuf Mehdi pointing out that there’s still plenty to be excited about for the platform. First, Mehdi announced a new design […]Read More