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First Reveal of Battlefield 3’s Maps

As the clock painstakingly counts down to Battlefield 3’s release on Tuesday, October 25, more and more information about the game is starting to be revealed. In the last 48 hours, we’ve seen a new trailer for Frostbite 2.0’s destruction engine, learned about the implementation of an online pass, heard about DICE’s extensive plans for […]Read More


Battlefield 3 DLC: “Massive Plan” In the Works

For Battlefield: Bad Company 2 players who remember the VIP pass and it’s intermittent allowance of new maps and available game modes, as well as the Onslaught DLC and Battlefield: Vietnam, it was clear that DICE was experimenting with a model for DLC development. While nothing specific has been announced regarding Battlefield 3’s DLC in […]Read More


First Syndicate Gameplay Emerges

When Syndicate was finally announced, quite a few gamers cried “foul” and stated the title shouldn’t even be made.  While we were never able to play the original, the re-imagining of the series is definitely intriguing to us.  For those of you who had doubt previous to reading this article, we have a feeling today’s video should […]Read More


Online Pass Coming for Battlefield 3

In news that comes as little surprise to just about everyone, DICE has confirmed that the online pass will be coming to Battlefield 3. The news comes via the Twitter feed of DICE’s Core Gameplay Designer Alan Kertz. In response to a Tweeter’s question as to whether or not a new copy needed to be […]Read More


First Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Footage Surfaces

After breaking the news on the Mass Effect 3 mutliplayer details, we’re back to bring Mass Effect fans their very first glimpse at multiplayer footage.  While the BioWare Pulse video we’re about to show you may slowly kill you, mostly due to the announcer, it’s worth watching as you’ll get your first glimpse at the […]Read More


Gears of War 3: Taming the Sawed-Off Shotgun

With nearly 4 million sales worldwide, Gears of War 3 has been an instant success both critically and commercially. There’s one issue, however, that has this reputably hardcore community arguing on comments sections, message boards, and game lobbies from Team Deathmatch to Wingman. It’s not the stronger, more accurate Lancer. It’s not even the incendiary […]Read More