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‘Battleblock Theater’ hits Xbox Live on April 3

Get ready: The curtain’s about to raise on Battleblock Theater. The Behemoth’s long-awaited follow-up to the smash hit Castle Crashers will hit Xbox LIVE on April 3 for 1200 Microsoft Points. The Behemoth’s oft-delayed title, first revealed in 2009 as simply “Game #3,” will indeed finally see the light of day next month, as the […]Read More


‘Payday 2’ announced for PC, XBLA, and PSN

A few years ago, I started dreaming up a game concept revolving around pulling heists. You’d plan everything out Rainbow 6 style before actually going in, and you always had to get away with the loot. Oh, and you could off your teammates if you wanted. The game would’ve been drop in/out co-op compatible, and encouraged. […]Read More


Xbox 360’s free-to-play title ‘Happy Wars’ approaching two million players

Happy Wars, the first free-to-play multiplayer game to make it to the Xbox Live Marketplace, may have released to middling critical reception last year, but that hasn’t stopped it from reaching almost two million players. Developer Toylogic’s Happy Wars is a multiplayer-focused strategy RPG with microtransactions, and on its face, doesn’t sound too special. But when you look at […]Read More

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Digital sales up 16 percent in 2012

The NPD group has released some interesting numbers about US video games sales in 2012. While physical sales were down 21%, digital sales increased by an impressive 16 percent. Digital content in this instance meaning “full game and add-on content downloads, subscriptions, mobile games and social network games.” Sadly that still leads to an overall […]Read More


‘Deadlight’ making its way to Steam

Those looking to get into some 2D sidescrolling set in a zombie apocalypse should be interested to know that Deadlight will be arriving on Steam this October 25th. The game comes off its original XBLA release back in August, of which we reviewed. Deadlight is a 2D sidescrolling adventure game that pits the player against hordes of […]Read More