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‘Project Spark’ beta to be announced at Gamescom 2013

Developers of Project Spark announced that they will be announcing the date for Project Spark’s beta at Gamescom this year in Cologne, Germany, in a livestream on Twitch.TV today. “It’ll start small, but we do believe that everybody who signs up will eventually get into beta,” said community manager Mike Lescault. Also at Gamescom will […]Read More


‘Project Spark’ beta registration now available

Microsoft’s game maker for Windows 8, Xbox One and Xbox 360 Project Spark opened its beta registration today. Project Spark was unveiled at Microsoft’s press conference at E3 2013 with a live demo, showcasing some of the tools and possibilities of the software. If you’re someone that works in game design or hopes to one […]Read More


Rumor: Microsoft ditching Points for real currency

It would seem that with the release of Windows 8 just around the corner, Microsoft could very well be replacing their Microsoft Points system for real currency. The Verge reports that opting to purchase video content on Windows 8 beta defaults the user to paying via credit card, despite choosing Points. The MS Points system […]Read More


Notch won’t let ‘Minecraft’ onto Windows 8

Notch, otherwise known as Markuss Persson, the mastermind behind the stupidly popular Minecraft, has made it clear that he will not allow his baby to be on the next iteration of Microsoft’s OS, Windows 8. As is his usual platform, Notch announced his thoughts on Twitter: Got an email from microsoft, wanting to help ‘certify’ minecraft […]Read More