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Best Buy offering $20 gift card with Wii U purchase

Looking to pick up a new Wii U console but unwilling to pay the full retail price? Look no further, you bargain hunter: Best Buy if giving out a $20 gift card to anyone buying Nintendo’s latest console. Does this deal sound familiar? It should. Target was offering money, as well as a discount on a few major […]Read More


‘The Amazing Spider-Man: Ultimate Edition’ receives trailer

We learned a a few weeks ago that The Amazing Spider-Man was coming to the Wii U in Ultimate Edition form. Now we’ve got a trailer that shows off some of the game’s intense scenes and web-slinging action. [youtube id=”nB-Wm7YhVjI” width=”620″ height=”360″] Wii-U players have had to wait quite some time to get their fix of Spidey; the title […]Read More


EA on Wii U: Not a next-gen console

During EA’s Jan. 30 investors call, the major publisher stated that Nintendo’s recently released Wii U is not quite a next-generation console. While Nintendo has been marketing the dual-screen technology as the next big step for gaming, EA doesn’t believe that we’ve seen generation four quite yet. Wow. EA just said Wii U isn’t a […]Read More


New Yoshi game coming to Wii U

You thought we were done with Nintendo Direct news? You thought wrong as there’s still a lot of awesome information abound from today. One of the newer things that got announced as a brand new Yoshi game. But this isn’t regular Yoshi, this is Yarn Yoshi. Yarn Yoshi is being developed by the team that […]Read More