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The Long List of Confirmed Wii U Games

We may not have a date or price for Nintendo’s latest piece of hardware, but we do have quite a few games confirmed for the Wii U. There’s plenty to look forward to in the console’s launch window, and to prove that, our friends over at ShackNews have compiled a list of the Wii U […]Read More


Grading The Big Three at E3

The several morsels of evidence we’ve scrounged up over the past year or so from both trusted and anonymous sources have pointed to holiday 2013 as the start of the next generation. There are no games being talked about for PS3 or Xbox 360 releasing around that time, PC technology is beginning to pull ahead […]Read More


Platinum Games’ Project P-100 a Wii U Launch Title

Still unsure of what’s really coming out on the Wii U after Nintendo’s E3 press conference? The actual launch lineup may be hazy, but add Platinum Games’ Project P-100 to the list. It may have been oddly absent from Nintendo’s conference, but don’t let this quirky little title from the developers of Bayonetta, Vanquish and Metal Gear […]Read More


Pikmin 3 Revealed for Wii U

Nintendo decided to open its E3 2012 press conference with a bang by showing the long-anticipated game Pikman 3, which will hit the Wii U during its launch window. Controllable from both the Game Pad and the MotionPlus, Pikman 3 will continue the franchise with four new heroes. Each of these characters can be controlled individually, […]Read More