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Catch the Wii U event liveblog right here

Looking forward to hearing about the Wii U details today? Thought the announced specs from Japan’s Nintendo Direct looked alright? In New York today, Nintendo’s finally letting the cat out of the bag and Stick Skills are reporting on the insides of that bag. What do we expect to hear? A launch date, a price […]Read More


Why the Wii U will be the next generation’s top dog

Last week, Josiah wrote an article claiming the PlayStation 4 will reign supreme come the end of the next generation. However, I’m here to explain why that won’t be true. There’s no argument: the Wii has completely dominated this generation of consoles. Despite a lack in technical horsepower when compared to the Xbox 360 and PS3, the […]Read More


Rumor: Wii U’s final specs uncovered

As the new wave of consoles draws ever closer, the wave of information  regarding new hardware and software becomes ever more plentiful. VG Leaks seems to have uncovered the final, official specs for Nintendo’s upcoming Wii U console. Leaked by an anonymous source, these specs can apparently only be viewed at Nintendo’s developer’s site at […]Read More


RUMOR: ‘Death’s Apprentice’ hitting Wii U in 2015

Yes, you just read that headline right: the retro-style action game, Death’s Apprentice, will apparently be making its way to Nintendo’s Wii U in about three years. This is a strange sounding story to begin with, but it somehow only gets weirder. The game, developed by BGG Productions Media Company, supposedly came out on PC earlier […]Read More