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‘Dead or Alive 5 Plus’ dated, new details emerge

The PlayStation Vita version of Tecmo’s fast-paced fighter, Dead or Alive 5 Plus, now has both a release date and a bunch of new details concerning exclusive features. This beautiful Vita title will hit PSN and retailers March 19, and thankfully, will be compatible with PlayStation 3 copies of the game. Cross-platform play will allow players to match up […]Read More


PlayStation Vita Holiday Buyer’s Guide

The PlayStation Vita didn’t have the greatest launch. There are problems which stem from releasing new hardware that no company can avoid, but with a severe lack of launch titles, the system hit a rough patch from the get go. Since this initial launch, however, Sony has been hard at work making the Vita into […]Read More


‘Uncharted: Fight for Fortune’ available now

The latest adventure of treasure-hunter Nathan Drake may not be the high-flying, action-packed expedition you expected, but it is out now for the PlayStation Vita. What makes Uncharted: Fight for Fortune so different is, well, the fact that it’s a card game. This turn-based title features all the heroes, villains and weapons featured in the Uncharted franchise, and while […]Read More