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‘Dead Space 3: Awakened’ DLC now available

Oh, you’re itching to relieve some more overburdened Necromorphs of their limbs, are you? Lucky for you, then, that Dead Space 3‘s “Awakened” DLC – the first story-based downloadable content for Visceral Games’ action-horror title – hit the digital marketplace today. The hours-long content once again puts players in the boots of franchise protagonist Isaac […]Read More


‘Dead Space 3: Under a Buck’ Achievement Guide

Just picked up Dead Space 3 and lookin’ for some help with the game’s Achievements? Don’t you worry, dear reader: we got you covered. Video Coordinator Todd Schlickbernd is here to show you how to get some of the most saught after Points in Visceral Games’ latest thriller. Here’s a description of the Under the Buck Achievement: The […]Read More