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Valve unveils Steam Family Sharing

Heavily rumored, Valve today unveiled their plans for a Family Sharing system within Steam. This system will allow users to share Steam libraries with friends and family. Seem familiar? It should, since it’s very similar to Microsoft’s original vision for the Xbox One. A beta will be rolling out shortly for members of the Family […]Read More


Rumor: Half-Life 3 in internal beta

File this under “Probably not true but interesting.” In a post to the Steam Community, a very non-descriptive change log was mentioned in relation to a Half-Life 3 internal beta, along with an awful “Valve can count to three” joke, that mentions Alyx will return, along with conveyor belts. Honestly, I have a hard time believing […]Read More


Former Steam boss lands at Microsoft

Former head of Steam’s business end Jason Holtman has found a new job at Microsoft where he will focus on the PC gaming and entertainment strategy sectors, Games Industry International reports. Holtman was an employee at Valve for eight years until last February when he left the company for unannounced reasons. At the time, Valve […]Read More

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Valve’s San Francisco office has closed

Just a few months ago, industry powerhouse Valve opened a small studio in San Francisco. Unfortunately, if updated resumes from ex-employees are to be believed, the studio has already been shuttered. The small team working in the bay area consisted of only three employees, and lasted for only eight short months. But before anyone takes […]Read More


Rumor: ‘Left 4 Dead 3’ countdown appears

Are you sitting down? Good, now take several thousand grains of salt and take two relaxing breaths. A suspicious looking URL has just been uncovered that appears to be a countdown clock for Left 4 Dead 3, complete with a Source 2 logo. When it comes to Valve rumors, I’m as skeptical as it gets. With […]Read More


Valve’s new project is called Pipeline

Valve has announced their newest project called Pipeline. Developed entirely by teenagers working at Valve, Pipeline is not a game, but a platform for young, aspiring game developers to connect and collaborate. The website is a work-in-progress currently, but some features mentioned in the video below include the ability for those working on Pipeline at […]Read More