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DOTA Trademark Dispute Resolved

The DOTA name will no longer be an issue for Valve to use, as Blizzard has confirmed that an agreement has been reached over the ownership of the property. The agreement states that Valve will have the ability to use the name commercially, while Blizzard will continue its noncommercial use of the title in the community. To […]Read More


Half-Life 3 Website Pops Up on the Internet

The world wants Half-Life 3 and that’s no secret.  It’s no surprise for people all across the internet to scavenge daily for any information or hints at the existence of the supposed title.  Expect Valve to confirm anything? Well, you shouldn’t. In the most recent Half-Life 3 news, a website has appeared on the internet […]Read More


Portal 2’s Next DLC Coming on May 8th

A game is only as strong as its community, and Valve is looking to strengthen the one behind Portal 2.  The next downloadable content for Portal 2 has received an official name as it will be called “Perpetual Testing”. The latest downloadable content for Portal 2 will be arriving to both PC and Mac on […]Read More