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Xbox One to require mandatory game installation

Microsoft’s Xbox One presser has barely concluded, but already more information about the upcoming console is spilling forth. A Wired analysis of the Xbox One unveils some interesting details, perhaps most notably that gamers will be required to install their games to the system’s hard drive. Once installed, games can be played from the system […]Read More


How to Earn Trophies on Used PS Vita Games

You may or may not be aware, but when you purchase a used Playstation Vita game you will not be able to earn trophies from the title.  Well, that’s how Sony intended for it to be, but we’re here to give you a guide to fix that. When you purchase a used Playstation Vita game […]Read More


The Next Xbox Won’t Block Used Games: Here’s Why

If you’ve been following the latest rumor surrounding the Next Xbox/Xbox 720, you were more than likely fairly shocked.  The latest rumor, being reported by Kotaku, states that the next system from Microsoft will come equipped with an anti-used game function. To say this is ridiculous is a rather large understatement.  While developers and publishers […]Read More