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Unreal Engine 4 games can run on Wii U

Although it was previously denied, Epic Games’ Mark Rein has now confirmed that Unreal Engine 4 games will be able to run on Nintendo’s Wii U. Speaking with Engadget, Rein rescinded an earlier statement to IGN about the Wii U’s capabilities and instead claimed that his company’s powerful new engine will work on the Wii’s successor. “If someone wants […]Read More

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Epic Opens Seattle Studio for Unreal Engine 4

Epic Games, creator of such powerhouse franchises as Unreal Tournament and Gears of War, is stepping up in developing its next engine. Revealed today, Epic is establishing a new studio in Seattle, with the primary task of working on games within the Unreal Engine 4. The game and engine developer is currently recruiting programmers and […]Read More


Fortnight Closed Beta Set for ‘Early Next Year’

Taking a page out of Willy Wonka’s book, Epic Games gave out a golden ticket last night to one lucky audience member at its Fortnite panel. Since Epic doesn’t own a chocolate factory (that we know of), this ticket allows its holder early access to the Fortnite closed beta next year. Funny thing, though; this beta has not yet […]Read More


Rumor: Next-Gen Call of Duty Using Unreal Engine 4

The next-generation of consoles is indeed a rather hot topic.  Speculation is at an all-time high as the gaming industry wonders whether or not Microsoft and Sony will unveil their next consoles at E3 next week.  While you could argue either way if any information will slip out regarding their new systems, a potential major […]Read More


Unreal Engine 4 Being Unveiled Next Week

If you happened to miss out on it, the very first screenshots of the Unreal Engine 4 are absolutely amazing.  Since the initial unveil, video game fans have been wanting to witness the very first footage of the new engine. Geoff Keighly of GameTrailers TV has just confirmed via Twitter that Spike will be airing […]Read More


Rumor: Microsoft to Call Next System the Xbox 8

At some point in the near future, gamers are expecting to hear Microsoft announce their next system.  Speculation has varied in terms of specs, but most of the names for the upcoming system have stayed in the same ballpark.  That is, until today, that rumors emerge of the “Xbox 8” name. Microsoft is working on […]Read More