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‘Sleeping Dogs: Year of the Snake’ DLC leaked

Square-Enix and United Front Games apparently aren’t done supporting Sleeping Dogs. Despite the Hong Kong based open-world game not doing stellar in the sales department, it has not been left wanting when it comes to additional content. A YouTube user has uploaded a short video, which they claim was shown at the end of “the […]Read More


‘Sleeping Dogs: Zodiac Tournament’ DLC out now

United Front Games is keeping its promise of future DLC with the latest add-on, Sleeping Dogs: Zodiac Tournament. In the same way that the previous Nightmare in Northpoint was based on Chinese cinema, specifically Chinese horror, Zodiac Tournament is heavily influenced by old-school Kung fu flicks. Check out the launch trailer below. Wei Shen will be going on another adventure, […]Read More


‘Sleeping Dogs’ will have six months of DLC

Sleeping Dogs had a pretty tumultuous past, and has luckily seen some success since launch. And now with the support of Square-Enix, United Front Games has stated that the game will have DLC distributed over six months. In an interview with OPM, producer Dan Sochan discussed the developers relationship with Square, and the goals for […]Read More