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‘Uncharted: Fight for Fortune’ game leaks out early

When it comes to the gaming industry, it’s somewhat rare for “secret” announcements to actually remain secret. Today, we bring you what appears to be a leak for the next entry in the popular Uncharted series. Thanks to a listing on the Australian Classification Board, Uncharted: Fight for Fortune has been revealed to the world. Examining the entry, which […]Read More


Top 5 Game Characters for the Presidential Election

Let’s be honest–no one’s exactly thrilled with the major candidates battling it out this election season. Wouldn’t it be nice to have candidates we know and love running for Commander in Chief? Say hello to five new candidates throwing their hats, helmets, and signature holsters into the ring. May the best character win. Note: In […]Read More


Top 5 Game Series That Should Be Movies

Okay, so video games and movies don’t exactly go well together.  Whether it starts as a video game or a movie and transitions to the other side, you’re more than likely to be very disappointed. There are a few games that can definitely break the mold.  While some have been “in talks” for quite some […]Read More