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THQ Submits, Loses UFC Brand to EA

After releasing three highly successful UFC titles on the current generation of consoles, THQ is handing over the budding license to publishing behemoth EA. Now headed by Naughty Dog co-founder Jason Rubin, THQ has been cutting the fat from its company and maintaining the properties it sees the most potential in. The loss of the UFC Undisputed franchise […]Read More


UFC Undisputed 3 Demo Arrives Next Week

With the past few UFC events being rather huge successes, fans of the sports have been pretty excited for the upcoming release of UFC Undisputed 3.  While the release of the game is still a few short weeks away, the release of the demo is almost upon us. THQ has announced that the UFC Undisputed […]Read More


THQ Releases UFC Undisputed 3 Career Mode Trailer

When gamers get their hands on UFC Undisputed 3, the first mode that’s almost always touched is the career.  There’s nothing quite like building up your fighter and creating them into your own dominating force in the octagon. In previous versions of the UFC franchise, the career mode has been a little lackluster.  Other than […]Read More