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Rumor: ‘Doom 4’ headed to Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4

Doom 4, which is expected to be the next big first-person shooter from seasoned developer id Software, seems to be headed to both Sony and Microsoft’s next-generation consoles. Lead programmer Brian Harris hinted at the game’s development through, of course, his Twitter account. His Linkedin has him down as the lead behind Doom 4 until January […]Read More


GTA V Release Date Leaked by Xbox Support

With E3 being less than two weeks away, everyone is anxious to see what comes from the conference this year.  One of the biggest questions at the event centers around the release of Grand Theft Auto V.  Rumors are swirling and speculation is at an all-time high for Rockstar to provide some sort of timetable […]Read More


Viral Max Payne 3 Promo is a Scam

If you happen to use Twitter and even remotely mention video games, there’s a rather high chance you’ve been approached by a Twitter handle mentioning a Max Payne 3 promotion.  Numerous Twitter handles are being used to facilitate this “promotion”, but they all point to the same handle that’s running the contest. The contest states […]Read More