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PlayStation 3 Holiday Buyer’s Guide

Sadly, 2012 did not see a major number of solid exclusives for Sony’s PlayStation 3. What we did was was a handful of bundles, a few great downloadable games, and a couple of fun accessories to maximize the gaming experience. While there were great games that came out this year, this article is mainly geared […]Read More


Twisted Metal Put Out Early; Jaffe Approves Buying It

There’s many reasons to love David Jaffe, as he’s been one of the best personalities in gaming for quite some time.  If you check his Twitter account, he’s constantly replying to his fans and asking for suggestions on how to make any game he’s working on better. Earlier today, a fan tweeted at David Jaffe […]Read More


Twisted Metal to Include Twisted Metal: Black

Get your nostalgia pants on, because the February release of Twisted Metal is set to include a little surprise for fans of the series.  If you’re planning on picking the title up on February 14th for your Playstation 3, you’ll be treated to a digital copy of a certain game. Oh, you’re wondering what that […]Read More


Official Box Art for Twisted Metal Unveiled

With the title launching in February, it was a little odd not to see any final box art for the new Twisted Metal title.  However, David Jaffe has decided to stop any further speculation by providing the box art in it’s near final form. From the fake mock-ups that we’ve seen online, we’re much more […]Read More