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Trials Evolution and More Hit Xbox Live Today

Have a good amount of Microsoft Points that you’re looking to spend today? Signing on to Xbox Live this afternoon will definitely at least tempt you into spending quite a bit on new arcade titles and downloadable content. Headlining the list today is Trials Evolution, the highly anticipated arcade title from Ubisoft and RedLynx Studios. […]Read More


Trials Evolution Map Editor Shows Unlimited Possibilities

This week, the long-awaited Trials Evolution will be available on your Xbox 360 console.  The original in the series, Trials HD, became an instant favorite for each gamer that downloaded it from the Xbox Live Marketplace. Trials Evolution is looking to build upon that same great formula and increase the longevity of the title with […]Read More


Trials Evolution Receives a New Gameplay Trailer

For anyone who has played Trials HD, it’s very easy to notice how simple the concept of the game is but how addictive it becomes.  As you start off with simplistic levels, you’ll soon find yourself yelling at your screen when you crash near the end of a level. While Trials HD was fantastic, Trials […]Read More


Trials Evolution Trailer Showcases Track Editor & More

If you’ve never played any of the Trials series, then we’re sincerely questioning your love for video games.  Trials HD released on the Xbox Live Arcade, and captured the attention of just about every single person that played the game. Red Lynx Studio is preparing the launch of Trials Evolution this Spring, and it’s taking […]Read More