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Medal of Honor Warfighter Announcement Trailer Unveiled

After a few teasers that were ultimately leaked, EA has officially announced Medal of Honor Warfighter this afternoon.  While details are still fairly scarce, EA did let a few tidbits slip along with a brand new trailer that features small amounts of gameplay. The game will be developed by one studio this time, Danger Close, […]Read More


The Darkness II Launch Trailer Features Nine Inch Nails

Playing the original “The Darkness” title, you may have actually never found the time to actually finish it.  While the title had a great premise, it just didn’t fully deliver where gamers wanted it to deliver.  Next month, 2K Games will drop the sequel The Darkness II and it’s going to be worth your time […]Read More


Bethesda Releases Impressive Live Action Skyrim Trailer

Live action trailers seem to be all the rage this generation.  We particularly enjoy the live action trailers, and when we found a new live action trailer for Skyrim in our inboxes, we were more than happy. Bethesda has sent over the official live action trailer, showcasing quite a bit of terror and “your” character […]Read More


Star Wars: The Old Republic Gets New Trailer

Before the announcement of the game’s release date a few weeks ago, it seemed like the Star Wars universe might have been taking a vacation. Fans can rest easier now knowing that The Old Republic will release this year, and they can also catch a new glimpse of it in the latest trailer entitled “Signs […]Read More


Dark Souls Trailer Reminds You That You’ll Die

If there’s one thing that comes to your mind when you think of playing Dark Souls, it’s probably death.  Not death because it’s a “bad” game, but “death” because it’s an incredibly challenging game that you’ll die quite often in.  In an era where games have become much easier to figure out, Dark Souls brings […]Read More