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E3: ‘The Wonderful 101’ hits Wii U on Aug. 23

Platinum Games’ The Wonderful 101 will launch on Aug. 23, Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata said during this morning’s Nintendo Direct video. Iwata also discussed the game’s cooperative multiplayer, which will support up to five players (four Wii Remotes and the Wii U gamepad, almost certainly). Players will team up to battle invading aliens, and the game’s Unite […]Read More


‘The Wonderful 101’ new trailer

In a new trailer for The Wonderful 101, one of two Wii U exclusives from Platinum Games, we get a slightly closer look at the gameplay and overall style of what seems to be a mix of the charm and personality of Viewtiful Joe and the mechanics of Pikmin. [youtube id=”P9SbpOHtRzs” width=”620″ height=”360″] When footage […]Read More


Top 10 Wii U Games of 2013

Another year, another 365 days of gaming goodness to look forward to. Now that Nintendo’s new console is out the door and taking its first steps into the wonderful world of high definition, it’s time to look ahead into 2013 and get our blue-balls on. People have been skeptical about whether or not Nintendo’s promises […]Read More