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‘Skyrim: Dragonborn’ available now on Xbox 360

The long-anticipated, high-flying “Dragonborn” DLC for Bethesda’s The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is available now for all those adventurers on the Xbox 360. From off the coast of Morrowind to the island of Solstheim, “Dragonborn” is the latest piece of DLC for last year’s biggest RPG. New towns, items, dungeons and quests will of course make appearances, […]Read More


Possible ‘Skyrim’ DLC to include dragon mounts

Nowadays you can’t hide anything from the gaming public, and it looks like Bethesda has fallen victim to this fact yet again. A select few internet Matlocks found filenames in the most recent update which have numerous references to “Dragonborn” and “DLC2”, possibly alluding to the name of future DLC. But, much more interesting are […]Read More