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‘The Division’ May Be Delayed Until 2015

To say Ubisoft has been busy would be an understatement; releasing a launch title for the Eighth Generation Consoles, the post-poning of Watch Dogs, and now the delay of The Division. An unknown source on the game’s development team told GameReactor that, “the game works well, it’s not done but it works well. The actual […]Read More


New and shiny screenshot from ‘The Division’

Ubisoft’s The Division was one of the show-stopping moments for the developer when they unveiled this massively multiplayer RPG shooter hybrid. We don’t have a ton of new info on the title but they did release a new screenshot which you can see above. They released it as they got 100,000 likes on Facebook and […]Read More


‘The Division’ is coming to PC, according to Massive

Despite months of beating around the bush about whether it was coming to PC or not, Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment have finally announced that the ambitious Tom Clancy’s The Division will in fact be coming to PC. The Division wowed gamers at E3 this year with it’s merging of singleplayer and multiplayer in a post-apocolypticish version of […]Read More