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In PlayStation Plus We Trust: March 19, 2013

Sony’s PlayStation Plus is a subscription-based service that allows members to get weekly and monthly access to discounted games on the PlayStation Network, as well as the occasional free game. Sony has calculated that the $50/year service has granted thousands of dollars in savings. Everyone loves free games, but nobody likes a free game that’s […]Read More


Official Achievements for ‘The Cave’

Double Fine sure has released a wide variety of games over the past few years, but the developer will be taking a cue from some older adventure games with the upcoming release of The Cave. Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert will be working together to create something reminiscent of Maniac Mansion, with a multitude of playable characters and […]Read More


The Cave PAX Screens Show Varied Environments And Vending Machines

Double Fine Productions and Sega have released a new batch of screenshots from Ron Gilbert’s upcoming adventure game-platformer hybrid The Cave. The screens, fresh from PAX Prime 2012, show off a few of the different environments and characters from the game, in which you’ll take control of adventurers who enter a sentient cave. If these intrigue you, then […]Read More