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Rumor: Sony to reveal a VR headset for the PS4 at TGS

According to a story from CVG, Sony is planning to reveal their plan for virtual reality on the PS4 at TGS this year. They intended to reveal their plans at Gamescom, but apparently plans fell through not long before their press conference. Interestingly enough, it does not say that Sony will be teaming up with […]Read More


Sony to show head-mounted display at TGS

Every gamer has dreamed of playing their favorite game in virtual reality. To date, we’ve settled with the likes of motion-sensor and 3D technology, always hoping for something more. Now, we may be closer than ever to achieving our personal-VR dreams. Sony revealed today that it will be showing off the second edition of a […]Read More


The Last Guardian Looks Set to Miss TGS For a Second Year

Sony has revealed some of their line-up for the the upcoming Tokyo Game Show. Though the list isn’t final, with more games expected to be added to the 47 already listed, there’s one very prominent omission, Team Ico’s The Last Guardian. To say The Last Guardian has had a turbulent development may be an understatement. […]Read More