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Teaser Trailer for Soul Sacrifice Surfaces

Soul Sacrifice, a mysterious PlayStation Vita title, appeared as an ad in Japanese magazine Famitsu a few weeks ago with no explanation or introduction. Normally, the appearance of a new Vita title without a popular franchise tag attached wouldn’t be very interesting, but Sony Computer Entertainment Japan is holding an official announcement event for it in […]Read More


First Crysis 3 Teaser Trailer Hits the Internet

Fresh off of Crysis 3 being revealed to be releasing in 2013, the very first teaser trailer has launched for the title.  It’s short, hence why it’s a teaser, but quite a few aspects are shown for the game. One of the most interesting scenes is featured with what appears to be the bow in […]Read More


Left 4 Dead Fan Film Teaser Goes Live

We’re fans of fan films, especially when they’re in reference to video games.  While some fan films are more polished than others, this teaser lends us to be believe that if this fan film is finished, it’ll definitely be worth watching. The Airsoft GI team has put together a teaser trailer for their upcoming fan […]Read More