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Syndicate “didn’t pay off” for EA

Every new game release, whether it be a reboot of an old IP or an iteration on a successful franchise, is full of risks. EA took a chance by bringing Syndicate back to life as a first-person shooter in February, and while it was met with generally positive critical reception, the company sees the project as a […]Read More


Syndicate Demo Impressions

Early yesterday, the demo for the upcoming shooter Syndicate was released to the general online public for download.  EA and developer Starbreeze have put out quite a few trailers and gameplay videos for the game, but how well does the demo perform? To be honest, I had very little interest in Syndicate when it was […]Read More


First Syndicate Gameplay Emerges

When Syndicate was finally announced, quite a few gamers cried “foul” and stated the title shouldn’t even be made.  While we were never able to play the original, the re-imagining of the series is definitely intriguing to us.  For those of you who had doubt previous to reading this article, we have a feeling today’s video should […]Read More