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‘Killer is Dead’ Review: Not dead on arrival

Suda51 might be the game industry’s most unique talent, delivering title after title of unabashed uniqueness and bizarre experiences. Killers with multiple personalities, demon hunters with phallic weaponry, and a chainsaw-wielding cheerleader with her boyfriend’s head attached to her waist are just a few of the things to come out of Suda’s mind. His latest […]Read More


‘Killer Is Dead’ PlayStation Vita port still “undecided”

Suda51’s upcoming series mash-up, Killer is Dead, is making its way to major consoles this summer, but its current status on the struggling PlayStation Vita is still up in the air. Grasshopper Manufacture’s lead man Goichi Suda had plenty to say during this year’s Taipei Game Show, but his comments surrounding both PlayStation Move integration in Killer […]Read More