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‘PlayStation All-Stars’ character DLC screens surface

Fresh screenshots for new characters and stages that will be available soon for PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale have just made their way to the internet. SuperBot Entertainment may already have a pretty strong roster in its Sony-themed brawler, but that doesn’t mean the game wouldn’t benefit from a few new faces. Players will be able […]Read More


‘Starhawk’ developer Lightbox Interactive sees major layoffs, moving to iOS development

I hate writing stories like these, guys. Lightbox Interactive, the developer behind the multiplayer-focused Starhawk, has potentially been hit with major layoffs that could sink the entire studio. That’s according to a tweet by industry veteran George Broussard, who’s most famous for his work on Duke Nukem. While the news can’t be confirmed quite yet, Broussard has leaked layoffs […]Read More


StickSkills Radio Episode 1 – A little risqué

In this first episode of our brand new podcast we bring you a seriously packed show. First up we hit the big releases form the past week, which mostly means Torchlight 2 and Borderlands 2 with a few downloadables sprinkled in for good measure. Then it’s onto news in which we discuss some of the […]Read More


‘Starhawk Multiplayer Edition’ coming to PSN

If you just happened to miss out on Lightbox and Sony’s third-person, intergalactic shooter, Starhawk, you’ll be able to experience just the multiplayer components later this year via the PlayStation Network. PSNStores found a listing for the online-only version of the game, and if it’s anything like what we saw with Killzone 3’s digital release, the core experience […]Read More


Starhawk Now Available for the Playstation 3

At some point in your life, it’s probably fair to make the assumption that you wanted to be a cowboy. At some point in your life, you hopefully outgrew that desire and moved on to bigger goals in life.  Even if you outgrew that dream, there’s always that little part of you that wanted to go […]Read More


Sony Releases the Starhawk Launch Trailer

This Tuesday, Starhawk will be available exclusively for the Playstation 3.  In celebration of the Lightbox Interactive and Sony Santa Monica title, Sony has released the official launch trailer for Starhawk. If you haven’t been keeping up with the news, Starhawk is bringing a few wrinkles to their beloved formula used in Warhawk.  An RTS-like […]Read More