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‘StarCraft Ghost’ still in development? Maybe!

My subscription to the Official Xbox Magazine was one of those things that I really loved about the mid-2000’s. I particularly remember a cover story they did on the then-in-development¬†StarCraft Ghost. Originally supposed to come out back in 2004, the promising stealth-action title has long thought to have been cancelled. But was it? In a […]Read More


‘World of Starcraft’ MMO finally launched over Battle.Net

It’s been a long time coming, but the World of Starcraft MMO has officially launched. The mod was initially created as World of Starcraft back in 2011 and created quite the controversy with Blizzard. After discussions, concessions, and the eventual agreement between Blizzard and creative director Ryan Winzen, the game is now known as¬†Starcraft Universe: […]Read More